Video coach

by Bram

Together with a video coach from ‘De Videomakers’ I worked on the setting, recording, editing and also the script of this video. The result is a short, concise and smooth introduction video of my Dutch foundation, Stichting MS in beeld.

Because I want to make the best possible series for you, I wanted to improve my skills and insights into making a YouTube video before recording the rest of the videos.

I’m looking forward to making the next episode about the effectiveness of HSCT. My earlier call for help has been successful and bonemarrow stemcell expert dr. Ellen Kramer will also be more involved in the MS Foundation in the future. I will write more about this in an upcoming news item.

The video is in Dutch, but it contains English captions, you can turn them on by pressing the CC icon next to the small gear icon on the bottom right of the video, below the video’s progress bar.

For now, have a look at the video and subscribe to our new YouTube channel! (My older channel HSCT4MS will no longer be used).

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