Project HSCT for MS

by Bram

In the coming two years, the foundation will mainly focus on providing information about what the treatment with an autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplant (aHSCT) can mean for people with MS. This treatment is not part of standard care in many countries, but causes hundreds of people with MS to for example go to centers in Russia, Mexico or India for this non-risk-free treatment.

Our goal is that Stichting MS in beeld provides trustworthy and complete information on the current scientific insights into the treatment.

The treatment itself is controversial: there is solid scientific evidence about the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as descriptions of the risks of the procedure. However, the subject is complicated and despite the fact that scientists have been studying the subject for decades, no black-and-white opinion has yet been formed on the application of this treatment.

In addition, there is a small but vocal group that promotes biased opinions, incorrect information, and conspiracy theories. This makes it difficult for interested parties to find reliable, understandable, accurate and up-to-date information about the subject.

Video series

A ten-part video series will be made about HSCT for MS. This series will look at this controversial treatment with a critical and analytical view. This video series will be made publicly available. In this way the foundation hopes to refute biased opinions, unilaterally interpreted information, and conspiracy theories.

Scheduled episodes in the video series about the aHSCT treatment for MS

  • Episode 1: Introduction (this is a recording from before the establishment of the foundation)
  • Episode 2: What is HSCT (this is a recording from before the establishment of the foundation)
  • Episode 3: Effectiveness
  • Episode 4: Different types of HSCT protocols
  • Episode 5: Side effects
  • Episode 6: Newly approved medications for MS
  • Episode 7: Resistance to large-scale introduction
  • Episode 8: HSCT providers
  • Episode 9: Current current research
  • Episode 10: Q & A (based on comments via social media or YouTube)

Written information

In addition to a video series, the website will also offer written information.


Finally, Bram Platel will also give lectures on the treatment. For now these events are limited to The Netherlands.

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