by Bram

Helps people with MS by communicating scientific insights

in an accessible, but in-depth manner

The video is in Dutch, but it contains English captions, you can turn them on by pressing the CC icon next to the small gear icon on the bottom right of the video, below the video’s progress bar.

Stem cell therapy for MS: panacea, some way off, or false hope?

Not a simple matter, but many people with MS would love to know more about it. For decades research has been conducted on the subject of HSCT (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) for MS, but a clear answer has still not been formulated. In order to give fellow-sufferers the chance to deepen their knowledge of this issue and to come to a well-founded conclusion, I started to study this treatment intensively with my background as a scientist (as well as an MS patient). In a ten-part video series, I take interested viewers on a ‘lecture tour’ so that they can get the most honest possible picture of the treatment and its risks. 
In order to be able to spread this information as widely as possible, I set up Stichting MS in beeld.

I do this work voluntarily and disinterestedly. Nonetheless, the foundation does spend money (e.g. on hardware, software and web hosting). Therefore, I appeal to people who want to financially support my work. Every donation is welcome and easily made via the “donate” page.

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